Revolutionizing Retirement Plan Communications

Effortlessly ensure compliance and increase participant engagement with mobile friendly AI-powered video notices.

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We takeover your notice distribution burdens, treating them as our own.

In 2021, the Department of Labor introduced its "Best Practices" guidelines to assess the reasonableness of Plan Providers in their communication distribution to participants. These guidelines, although vital, can be labor-intensive and challenging to navigate. Plan Notice simplifies compliance, making it a seamless and efficient process.

Streamline Sending Notice

Plan Notice leverages proprietary technology to manage your notice distribution, ensuring efficient communication without placing any burden on you or your team.

We Send all Regulatory Notices

Including but not limited to: Annual Notices – including QDIA, Safe Harbor, Annual Auto Enrollment, Fee Disclosures, SAR, Material Modifications, Fund Changes, New Hire Eligibility Notices, Summary Plan Description, Termination Notices, Small Balance Force Out Notices, Required Minimum Distribution Notices, Blackout Notices.

Increase Your Participant Engagement

Increase participant engagement with AI-powered video summaries. Our videos transform complex information into easily understandable content, leading to informed participants.

Exceed Compliance Standards

We not only meet but surpass DOL guidelines. What's more, we offer indemnification against costs related to any lack of notice, providing added peace of mind.

Locate Missing Participants

Proactively prevent missing participants by locating unresponsive individuals and providing opportunities to update their contact information.  Our platform ensures that everyone stays connected and well-informed.

Our Process

At Plan Notice, we have meticulously crafted our process to offer the utmost efficiency and unwavering accountability when it comes to managing retirement plan communications. We understand the critical importance of every step in this journey, and our approach reflects our commitment to excellence.

Trackable Notices

We digitally monitor every step of the distribution process, providing you with real-time visibility into the status of each notice.

Notice Confirmation

We prioritize certainty. As notices are dispatched, we promptly confirm participants' receipt through digital tracking, providing real-time assurance.

Multiple Channels

We initiate contact via email, with escalations to text messages for non-confirmed receipt. If not confirmed, we send first-class mail.

Location Escalation

In line with DOL guidelines, terminated participants are escalated to a location search and resent notices.

Beneficiary Search

In case of a participant's passing or the inability to reach the named participant, we identify beneficiaries, update their details, and send notices.

Auditable Reporting

Our process includes comprehensive reporting, detailed records of every step, and ensures compliance.

Missing Participant Problem

Missing participants with balances in retirement plans present a host of challenges, including escalated plan costs, heightened scrutiny during audits, and amplified fiduciary risk. In the dynamic contemporary landscape, marked by frequent job and residence changes among individuals, the concern of missing participants has evolved into a complex and urgent matter for retirement plans. Acknowledging this shifting landscape, the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have recently enacted more stringent regulations to address and effectively manage the challenge of missing participants.

About Us

With over 25 years of collective experience in the retirement plan industry, our team is committed to assisting retirement plans in managing communications, boosting engagement, locating missing participants, and ensuring compliance. As a SOC II certified company, we continually improve our technology and services to provide the highest level of support to our valued plans.

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